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Hello and welcome to our blog!

Have you ever taken a moment and thought about the things that make you happy? We love reading people's "10 Things That Make Me Happy" lists as everyone has such different perspectives on happiness... I mean, some people would have exercise in their top 10... crazies!

Here is my happy list: 1. Finding the perfect furniture or decor for my home and people noticing!

2. Family Time

3. The colour green

4. Cliché i know... but food! Especially anything sweet

5. Moodboards

6. Seeing a project come to life whether it is a restaurant i have designed or a table number at a wedding!

7. Nelson and Lottie

8. Polka dots

9. Craft shops

10. Creating...

And that (particularly #10) is what inspired the start of The Invite Shop. I've been designing for a fair few years now, I earn my living as an Interior Designer - which i love - but have discovered that creating invitation concepts is what I loooveeee. (Make sense?!) I just love it, a new project gets me up before 8am on a weekend because i am so excited to get stuck in!

I believe that good design creates happy people. Whether it’s in your home or on your party invitation. Either way, both can very easily bring smiles to faces! We like the idea of documenting all of those brilliant ideas here in one space and being able to share it with you. So join us. Read along and send us a comment. We are excited to begin and can't wait to hear what you think, too! Love, Katie

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